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Interested in working with us? Don't just take our word for it. Below is a sample of actual Testimonials taken across our business: Optometry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology job sectors.

Flame Health Testimonials

Optometry Testimonials

I registered with Flame Health after seeing it advertised in OT. I had never used a recruitment agency before and did not know what to expect. following a telephone assessment I was promptly secured two interviews and subsequently a suitable post. The agency was efficient, helpful and took full consideration of my professional job requirements. I would definitely recommend Flame Health to others.


Thank you so much for your help in finding me my new job. You were friendly, positive and easy to talk to. I found you very supportive, efficient and active on my behalf. I will definitely recommend Flame Health to other Optometrists.


I was relocating back to the UK from abroad. I contacted Flame Health and the response I got from them was superb. All I had to do was just send them my CV which was forwarded to Opticians by them and I had interview dates set before I came to the UK. Within 2 weeks of coming to the UK I had a job. As a whole I must admit the service offered by Flame Health is very professional and excellent. Flame Health you are the BEST!


Dentistry Testimonials

I'm an Associate living in Essex. I contacted Flame Health regarding a post displayed on their website. I found them very helpful and swift in arranging an interview. I was working in the new practice within 4 weeks. Ii would definatley recommend them to any colleagues looking for a job.

Associate Dentist

Thank you very much for all your help it's really appreciated I couldn't have asked for anyone nicer to help me to do this, and wouldn't have been able to do it without your help.

Dental Nurse

Pharmacy Testimonials

A couple of months before relocating to the UK, I came in contact with Flame Health. The support and information I received from day one, was amazing. Even though plans did not go according to schedule and the process of coming to the UK took longer than I had originally planned, my consultant was patient and understanding, supporting and guiding me throughout the procedure.

It was very helpful for me that someone had the answer for every possible question I had, but what I am really grateful for is the fact that I was dealt with such interest and enthusiasm. The consultant arranged everything for me and I got a job offer from the first company I interviewed for.


I would like to say few words of appreciation to Flame Health and share my wonderful experience with them. From the first day of posting my CV I have been given full attention and kept informed throughout the recruitment period. Job title and description were clear from the start featuring benefits and allowances. Simply my experience with Flame Health was incredible and I highly recommend them as a successful source of recruitment. Good luck


As a newly qualified pharmacist, I was extremely impressed with the level of support Ii recieved from the Flame Health team. The entire process from applying to the pharmacy position, to the interview, to actually accepting the job was completely mentored. Flame Health are one of the few companies who take the time and effort to go that extra step to match the candidate with perfect job, and for me, it was pretty much seamless. I can honestly say that for the past two months, since starting my current position, not a second has gone by in which I have regretted choosing Flame Health as my recruitment agency. The level of dedicated service and follow up support I have received has been incredible. I never thought that I would be able to walk into work every day with a smile on my face, but that is the reality! So in conclusion, if you're looking for a personal service with a difference, you really can't get much better than this! Thanks for all your help, I love my job! It really is just perfect for me!

Newly Qualified Pharmacist

Flame Pharma Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Testimonials

Pharma Testimonials

I found Flame Pharma very helpful. I was able to be well prepared for my interview and it helped knowing the type of questions they were likely to ask. Whenever I was in contact with them, I found them friendly and polite. It was good to know that I had a contact if I had any questions about the interview itself or the job role etc. Sometimes a question might be difficult to ask a potential employer, so having a 'go-between' acting on my behalf was a good advantage to have. Having a conversation with my contact after the interview helped me to organise my thoughts about the job and whether or not I would accept it if I were to be offered the role.

I would definitely recommend Flame Pharma to any of my friends should they ever need a recruitment agency.

Thanks very much for your help.

Data Verification Scientist

So a very big thank you! I'm absolutely delighted with the outcome and am looking forward to starting work with them.

I've been absolutely delighted and very impressed with Flame Pharma, and yourself in particular of course. This was the first time I've used an agency to get a job, and its been a very positive experience all the way. I felt totally supported throughout the whole process, and the recommendations on the website are actually TRUE!!!! You really do keep in touch and made me feel like my job-search actually mattered and I wasn't just one in thousand other people trying to get a job. So thank you very much. Hopefully I won't be looking for another job for a long while, but if I do, then I'd certaining get back in touch with Flame Pharma, and I'll be recommending you to others.

Medical Writer

Just a quick e-mail to say a big thank you for your input in my offer of a job at ICON development solutions. From the beginning of the process your efforts to keep me up-to-date and guiding me through the interviews were invaluable.

Research Physician

I am writing you to say how much pleased I am with the service provided by you and Flame Pharma.

I was very nice surprised with the quick response to my sent CV. Several quick phone contacts assuring me everything goes well were appreciated.

Only misunderstanding with confirmation of WRS submission was a bit confusing for me. Also this was sorted out, fortunately in time so I have really good overall impression of your work.

Well done, Thank you for your help with getting the job.

Clinical Research Associate

The consultant was professional and friendly. They clearly confirmed with me what types of positions I was interested in and very helpful in arranging initial telephone interviews at my request. I was frequently phoned, texted or emailed with any updates in a timely manner, had support in any requests I had and would find out information for me both before interview and after I had accepted the position. I would recommend Flame Pharma to colleagues seeking positions within clinical trials.

Data Manager

Was very impressed with your service – liked your support and advice before the interview, and always felt that you were well organised and fighting my corner. To be honest, you stood out a mile from the other agencies I tried using, almost all of which were quite staggeringly inept and useless. Unfortunate for them really, but makes you stand out even more!

Pre-Clinical Services, Quality Improvement Officer

I lack the exact words to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all for making my career change a reality!!

The humane, professional and inspiring way my consultant, handled my case was overwhelming, especially the personal touch and excellent understanding of my situation.

The consultant remained persistent, always there for you with encouraging words, detailed and realistic approach and above all, accorded me a sense of belonging.

From our first telephone contact, to my CV , both through pre- and post interview periods, they displayed a deep sense of professionalism.

Honestly, words alone cannot describe my sense of satisfaction now that my dream has been realised through you all.

Please, continue the excellent job at Flame pharma.

Clinical Research Physician